Choose a Ford F-150 Whenever Performance Really Matters

The Ford F-150 is a popular pickup truck you want on the road when performance really matters. It screams class, cutting-edge technology and capabilities you never thought possible in a pickup truck. Visit us at Sturman & Larkin Ford Inc. and check out the latest models.

The new F-150’s towing ratings are best in its class. The Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ offers features not found on other half-ton pickups, including deployable box side steps, and an integrated tailgate step along with remote tailgate release.

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The Ford Escape Offers Some Fantastic Technology Features

The Ford Escape is one of the best compact SUV's on the market today. Between its fuel efficiency and all of the capabilities that come along with being an SUV, drivers get to experience the best of both worlds. The Escape also has exquisite styling, world-class safety features, and the rugged dependability that Ford has long been known for.

To see all of these features in person along with everything else that the Escape can offer you, come and take one for a test drive here at Sturman & Larkin Ford Inc. in Pittsburgh!.

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Tires Make The Car Go 'Round And 'Round

Tires are made out of rubber, metal, and a handful of other materials. All tires have tread, or indentations and patterns cut into the surface of tires. Without this tread, you could more easily hydroplane, slip on dry or wet roads when turning, and stand a higher risk of tire failure or accidents while driving.

In the United States, tire tread is measured at intervals of 1/32 inches. It’s time to replace tires when they reach just 2/32 inches of tread. However, contemporary manufacturers and mechanics suggest changing them at 4/32 inches in length.

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