180 Degree Camera which can see around corners

Aids visibility for limited-sight maneuvers such as pulling out of a driveway, street or parking lot

Allows the driver to see around obstacles

Includes washer to keep lens free of dirt and debris

Foot Activated Liftgate for when your hands are full, carry on

Open or close the liftgate with a kick of your foot within the range of the rear bumper's sensors and with the key fob in your pocket or purse.

LED Signature Lighting & Available Signature Lighting

More durable and longer-lasting than filament-based lighting

Up to 60% more energy-efficient

Available Lane Keeping System

Customizable, driver-activated system to help you stay in control.*

  • The camera detects lane markings and communicates with the steering system
  • Lane-keeping alert: drift too close to a lane marker and a vibration is sent to the steering wheel
  • Lane-keeping aid: provides a directional steering torque, helping you guide your vehicle back to the lane
  • Use either lane-keeping alert or aid - or combine them, receiving a steering torque first, followed if necessary by a vibration alert if you continue drifting
  • Included Driver Alert System can detect erratic vehicle movements over a period of time, indicating possible drowsiness; coffee cup displays, signaling it may be time to rest

Available on Explorer Limited and standard on Platinum

Confident inside and out

New liftgate, new taillamps, new fascia and new exhaust tips
Redesigned hood, headlamps, grille, fender and fog lamps
Five new wheel designs and three new colors
Unique interior and exterior and premium appointments on the new Platinum series
Nirvana Leather with perforated and quilted seats on Platinum model

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